Take Control !!!

Hey quick blog,are going to go in depth into the long list of medication I have tried over the years some other time. But after being in hospital this last stint and witnessing first hand in the high dependent ward doctors and patient relationship. We as a patients have Every right to question what medicine […]

Life’s Bizzar!!

I remember crying saying how will I get through my next hospital stint coming home to no cat my purring Soul Mate Virgil. Yet here I am someone made sure I had a purring friend to help me through and I know who! He was there the first fifteen years and has made sure not […]

Think Tomorrow is the last day!!

Well it’s almost like I don’t want to say it, no spinal fluid has leaked out of my neck and back since it was clamped at 7am 15-1-2016 and as I understand it there’s  every chance now they will be taking the drain out that is sitting on my nerve. I’m very eager to have […]

My Angel Sonja

Angels come to us in all different ways and last night a nurse called Sonja I honestly believe she got me through one of the toughest days of my life. She went above and beyond her duty as a nurse and showed me the love and compassion that you don’t expect from a stranger the […]