Parenting Through Chronic Physical Pain – The Atlantic Interesting and sad studies. Really makes me appreciate my family and friends who pick up the slack, drop offs, pick ups, meals,appointments,sporting activities and most of all Love. Hope Anyone out there suffering with Chronic Pain can draw on there strength and Conker each minute of every day to be to be uplifted by […]

Seems Never Ending

The last few days I’ve made the effort to go for a walk I feel as if my body needs some blood pumping through it, but both nights suffered from tremendous pain it feels as if this is a never ending pain flair. It’s hard not to feel a little down, FRUSTRATED to the Max!! […]

Went across the road

Well what a day I’ve had a shower and walked over to the park. I did lay under a tree and not do anything but still counts as getting out of the house hey. The kids were happy to have me watching them riding their bikes and Ava doing gymnastics all around the park. I […]

To Family and Friends

To all family and friends that may get a chance to read this I want you to know that l love and appreciate your support. I am very sorry if I haven’t got around to calling you all back it not because I don’t want to and it’s not because I don’t care. Your lives […]