Popped another disc out.

Well 6th and 8th of Jan was when I was operated on and 2 months later the pressure of the cage and plate inserted in my neck has now taken its toll on my spine. It has thrown my disc in my lower spine out,this was the area that they were operating on next, we […]


SLE Lupus Here’s a frustrating topic for me this condition affects many people and no two people can be affected the same. A very complicated condition that can often take a lot of time to diagnose. But I’m in a little harder situation with being able to get a diagnosis. See most people that have […]

Some Pieces of the past.

Here’s some of my Art haven’t done any in quite some time. Hope one day soon I feel up to Create. Hope you all out their are drawing on Strength to get you Through each day I Draw my Strength from my Children My Driving Force to get through each day. PEACE