Holidays with chronic pain


You know that feeling of excitement before you go on a holiday, all the things you want to see and do are all mapped out. Living with Chronic Pain Excitement also comes with dread for you know after every long day comes the sleepless nights of excruciating pain. It was about 6 1/2years ago when I decided to take my children to the Queensland to the GoldCoast, theme parks, warm weather,swimming pools, mini golf wanted to do all these fun things with my kids. When I told my family about my holiday plan the response was definitely not positive. Every body thought I was not up to the task I was still on my walking frame and struggling with sleep and mornings were very very hard. As I told more family and friends the response all round was the same but it only made me that more determined. A very dear friend said she would come along with her children but could only come for a few days. So that was it we were off to the GoldCoast kissed  my parents Goodbye and told them not to worry. Me Seb(5) and Ava(4) we’re on our way. The plane ride was certainly not smooth Seb vomited as soon as we hit the air and was much the same on the bus ride to the hotel. But we got there an I felt empowered as hard as it was with a suitcase my walking frame and two young children I did it. We were surrounded by swimming pools tropical palms mini golf and the kids were super excited,bathers were on and we were off to the pool within the first 15 mins. A deep pool and shallow pool had a spa over looking both so as the kids played I relaxed in the spa. When the kids got hungry I was presented with my first real problem stepping in the spa I had not realized there were no steps or railing to help me get out, I as tried to lift my leg to get out I knew I was in a bit of trouble I couldn’t do it  the kids pulled and push at me it was impossible. All I could do at that stage was to sit there. Luckily I had my purse with me and I could see the cafe in the distance and sent the kids there to get something to eat. It wasn’t peek season and weren’t alot of people around all I could do was sit there with a bright red face until someone came along. Sent the kids back to the cafe to ask for help it had closed,to send them any further I couldn’t see them and I wasn’t comfortable with that. Ended up being 5 hours before someone come along. That night I began to think everyone may have been right got the kids off to sleep and laid there with my head in the pillow crying. As each phone call came from my parents I told them I was fine and it wasn’t to hard but in all honesty it was a struggle. We set off to theme parks and the joy on the kids faces made each painful step worth it they were having a wonderful time and we were making memories. The pain at the end of each day was tough and a part of me was also a little sad as I used to live not far from where we were staying when I was at my healthiest, how I longed to be that girl again. But I did it I gave the kids exactly what I wanted to and there smiling faces of this holiday will forever be etched in my heart and mind. Soldier on pain suffers and always remember where there is will there’s always away. Don’t ever let your pain define you, Relationships Love and the world around you still have a lot to offer. Sure you may suffer after participating

in life but living is far better for your soul💗

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