Popped another disc out.


Well 6th and 8th of Jan was when I was operated on and 2 months later the pressure of the cage and plate inserted in my neck has now taken its toll on my spine. It has thrown my disc in my lower spine out,this was the area that they were operating on next, we had to wait 3 months though to make sure the bone grew the right way over the plate in my neck. So I’m now left with 1 month to go with a disc out and finding it hard to function It feels like I can’t cut a break my Frustration levels are through the roof. The kids are getting used to once again my uncontrollable screams as I get through my day to day tasks. I need this fixed but are going to have to get though another 4 weeks. Had thought this year could not be as bad as the last
but it’s shaping up to be so far. Just need to get this op done and hope it doesn’t affect other parts of my spine. Oh well just an update on the same bullshit that is my life. Hope all you pain warriors out there find the strength  needed on your Journey, Peace!!


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