Tachycardia and it’s horrible effects.


Writing about this one as I had a run in with this condition Tachycardia last night, first turn I’ve had in about 4 and a half months. Before I was diagnosed with Tachycardia the episodes that I was experiencing were terrifying, have spoken of this briefly in previous blogs but thought I’d go more in to more  depth and speak of the experience and the consequences it has over the body whilst episode is taking place.

What is TACHYCARDIA: An abnormal rapid Heart rate.
When condition rares it’s ugly head which is rarely now I’m on bata  blockers it can be a Terrifying experience. At times it starts with a feeling of tingling numbness in my face my lips can feel cold. I can feel quite faint and need to find a place to sit or lie, my legs feel as if they can not carry me, before I was medicated I hit the deck one day  this scared the hell out of my children. My heart rate speeds up so fast that I can feel pulsating in my throat. As people speak to me I can find it hard to make sense of what they are saying and also find it hard to communicate back. These days I take a tablet and that works quite quickly and symptoms cease. Before hand though I spent many terrifying trips to Emergency where it took doctors an specialists some time to diagnose me with Tachycardia.  Your blood is not pumping around the body as it should which creates brain fog and the scary symptoms. One night my heart pumped so hard that my body trembled my teeth chatted and I was cold all over,my Mum covered me with numerous blankets and we both layed awake all night it lasted hours. I could see the fear in my Mums face which scared me even more. Would not wish this experience on anyone and strongly advise if any readers experience any symptoms similar to these to take your self off to the doctors where you can be referred on to a cardiologist, your Hearts health is nothing to mess around with. All I can say is that I’m very thankful there is medication for this and this horrible experience now doesn’t last so long.
                  PEACE TO ALL!!


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