Medicine and therapies I’ve trialed


Medication and exploring all this avalible what I’ve tried
Ketime infusion
Hydro therapy
Back brace
Ketimine infusions

                Medication trialed
Plaquenil: currently using this for arthritis and unconfirmed SLE lupus

Endep(amitriptyline) : currently using for neuropathic pain, was used some years back for depression but they found it seems to work better on nerves.

Amoxycillin: currently using for  Factor B condition (my immune system)

Sandor:currently using for tachycardia

Oxy Contin: Slow release pain control??? Does Jack Shit!!

Endone: fast relief pain control??? Doesn’t work,!!

Celebrex: anti inflammatory

Ditropan: Spasms

Targin: pain relief???

Lyrica: nerve pain, when I first trialed this it wasn’t under pbs and cost $90.00 a week.

Ketimine: a very shit arse drug that feels like shit to come down.

Steroids: chronic pain

Tegratol: nerve pain; this is the one drug I have ever had a reaction to made me seriously sick.

Tapentadol: chronic pain

Panadian fort: chronic pain

Panadole: pain

Aspirin: pain,tachycardia

Here’s some of the drugs I have trialed over the years some with no improvement and some that have given me a better quality of life. As you can see on the list some are drugs that are addictive and this many years down the track is something that I now control. A lot lower doses what my body can tolerate, took me a while and the trick is listening to your body. My ideas are, if you are on high doses of morphine and are still in excruciating pain your body’s always left wanting more but what happens when you reach your limit as you get used to the dose the pain creeps back in and then your fucked. As I’ve said in a previous blog taking control of what goes in your body I think is very important. Always keep in mind with the addictive meds, if your on a safe dose and you have a better quality of life well this is the aim isn’t it. I used to make comments along time ago like Now I’m a drug addict and addicted yes me and many other pain suffers are. But being tarnished with that label pissed me off. We are not taking this for fun for me and you other suffers out their it is medicine a medication I wish we never had to know. Getting tired got a lot more to talk about on this subject I’ll get to it in future blogs. Anyone have any questions about the medication I have trialed or can suggest any meds that may help me, msg me would be happy to give anyone any of the info I have gathered in the last 13 years.   PEACE!!


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