Still not back in the car!

It’s now been nearly six weeks since since the 2 operations I had. This has been one of the hardest recoveries I’ve had. Definitely not at the stage I would like to be at the moment range in my neck is really not where I want it to be. Is going to take a lot more physio the fusion and cage have have impacted greatly on the range that I can move my neck. Going to have to work really hard on this because it’s driving me crazy not being able to just jump in the car, relying on family and friends to get me to appointments supermarket trips and kids activities as blessed as I am, it’s really frustrating when you need something and you can’t just jump in the car. But I’m very lucky that I have the support I do,just having a whinge I guess I just hate adding tasks to other people’s days. I know there a lot of chronic pain suffers out there that have lost the ability to drive. The impact this can have on you can be completely devastating, the longest I’ve ever not without driving was about a year. The loss of your license can be tough and I hope that for anyone out there who has lost their license due to illness that they work really hard on there mental health. It can be a huge blow and it’s very much ok to grieve your life that once was but getting on with life and accepting you can do all the things you used to do just in a different way. If loosing your license sends you into a state of depression talking to a therapist and working through this tough time with support can be a great tool. Putting things in perspective also can help we all. Have our own obstacles in life in different ways, at times it helps me to think of how fortunate in a lot of ways I am. Two beautiful kids,food on the table love and support from family and friends there are people in this world that have none of these things. Sometimes we concentrate on the bad so much that we forget about the good. Lots of Love and Healing prays go out to you all!!
Two Following posts will also have more info on the lose of car license


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