A way to be kind to yourself while you are suffering. Let’s face it house work can be a task when you are totally healthy so when you have constant pain and have a spine that severely suffers it pays to be smart. Here are a few tips that help me get through my day. It’s always good to take note of what period of the day you are at your best if that’s hard to figure out it might help to keep a diary to figure out what time is best for you. I’m at my best at night time these are the hours were I get most of chores done.                                                                The Bath for any one that’s got a bad back you will very well known that leaning over scrubbing a bath can be excruciating. I throw a boiling kettle over bath some disinfectant and the mop away no bending what so ever same goes with the floor in the shower, once you done throw another kettle of boiling water to rinse and your done.                                  
I always keep a large plastic bottle by the kitchen sink which is great to fill the dogs bowl with out bending down. Watering plants from Standing position also.
When vacuuming a decent light weight vacuum is always helpful make sure cord is pulled out to the extension needed so your not pulling at vacuum. Focus on your core muscles keeping your body upright only use the strength in your arms also a good way of toning your arms at the same time.
Cooking, a bad pain flare can be debilitating and trust me your going to Thank yourself if you have some prepared meals especially when the kids are saying I’m hungry. Pick a time when you have most energy choose two or three meals that freeze well and do double batches this could equate to 6 meals and add in between some boiled potatoes topped with bake beans topped with grated cheese, quick easy and the kids are still eating something decent. Better still take the night off and call a pizza.
Scene’s were on the topic of food and this is not one I’m proud of but definitely guilty of plastic plates. Sure you’ve sat down for dinner and after finishing you  look around the table and think Fuck I’ve got to do these dishes. Nope not me I just throw them in the bin, job done! Know it’s very wasteful but when the pain is winning standing over the sink is the last thing you want to be doing.
Ready made lunches are always handy same rule applies pick a time when your up to buttering a loaf of bread, wrap pop them straight in the freezer for the kids to grab one to put in their lunch boxes.
One of the worst parts of the day is if my medication isn’t made oh it really shits me. Pick a time when a friend or a relly comes around and over a chat and  coffee do a weeks worth of medicine so it’s all ready to go. Best part is it doesn’t seem like such a chore when your chatting away.
Shopping online you’ll find you save money too no impulse buying and if you plan ahead you can get delivery quiet cheap $6 or less. Also shopping online for children’s party presents saves you a lot, stock up when you have that little bit of extra cash you’ll get at least 3 times as much or more for the same price as one gift. EBay’s a fantastic source!
Call upon your kids even from prep and kindy age get them to help whether it’s bringing plastic bottles to the bin or make some kind of game where they  pick up there things while having fun. Or if your kids are that little bit older like mine taking out the bins unloading shopping, taking care of the animals there are many things they can do to help and it’s a good life lesson.
Have your self a list of heavy lifting tasks you need tended to around the house and when friends and family pop around get them on the job Wonderful People that they are.
Another costly and embarrassing fact is that rain or shine even at the hottest of days I’m terrible I use the dryer very often I switch it on at night so I don’t feel so guilty and if you take it out hot and fold it there’s the ironing done too.
Mopping the floor is something I’ve always struggled with and when ever the floor is mopped properly is never done by me. To keep on top of it  I always have a packet of baby wipes handy, disinfectant in a spay bottle throw a few wipes on the floor with a couple of sprays use your foot to clean any dirty marks.
Inbetween cleaning the toilet hang those cleaning flush disinfectant bars and you’ll get longer inbetween cleans.
Also if you have a bit of extra cash get in a cleaner/gardener when you can afford. Remember to check also if you are coming out of hospital to see if you are entitled to home help everyone helps!

If you are experiencing a pain flare the house will still be there tomorrow and if you don’t get to it , it’s just a house it may be messy but pushing your self will help nobody and probably set you back more days. Be Kind to You!!


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