Pain and Sleep: When Chronic Pain Disrupts Sleep and Causes Insomnia


Pain almost every night effects my sleep some nights I get as little as an hour. Enough to drive you round the bend. Pain certainly wakes me every night and once I’m awake there’s very little I can do do if the pain is unbearable but roll from side to side cursing in my head. Meditation has been my saving grace but at times even to meditate can be hard if my pain levels are high. Being sleep deprived not only affects my night but the quality of the coming day and week at times. There’s a lot to be said about a well  rested sleep and the difference to your body when you have had one. I’m not someone who can sleep through the day unless I’m sick or recently out of hospital. So learning how to meditate was one of the best tools I’ve learnt to help my body shut down, takes a while to master but once achieved the benefits are huge and make a true difference to my body feeling rested. On that note as its 3:30am going to meditate now see you in my next blog.  


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