Chronic Pain and Relationships

75% of Marriages (Relationships) result in Separation due to Chronic Pain. Pain can take a lot from you, what I think is a normal part of Chronic Pain progression you grieve the you that once was, but so to are the Loved ones around you. As pain can make every aspect of life harder, all relationships take work add in constant pain and it can be hard enough to work on yourself let alone the relationships around you.  I am many years down the track on my pain journey and have learned a lot and to look outside your self can be very healthy. The first few years you can be consumed with fixing your self, I mean surely people don’t live like this right??But 1 in five Australians suffer with Chronic Pain and millions of others around the world. There’s a lot of us, with family, friends and every relationship changes even in a small way and some with massive impact there can be the loss of intimacy, ability to do the things you enjoyed do together. A partner or family member can become your carer which is a very loving and tireless task, still though a massive change to a friendship. I may not always but I do try to be conscious of the family and friends around me. I try to be mindful of what’s going on in their lives every relationship is give and take, sometimes being the sick one especially when your really unwell, people pour there love time and energy into me. I think it’s important to let the people you love know that what is going on in their world is just as valid. I’m tired so Peace out. Fight on Pain Warriors!!


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