Parenting Through Chronic Physical Pain – The Atlantic

Interesting and sad studies. Really makes me appreciate my family and friends who pick up the slack, drop offs, pick ups, meals,appointments,sporting activities and most of all Love. Hope Anyone out there suffering with Chronic Pain can draw on there strength and Conker each minute of every day to be to be uplifted by your family, friends and pets. The Strength to marvel at the Beauty in this world. The smallest things are the big things really. They help you get through. Pain can make you loose perspective at times it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Every body has there own shit to deal with whether it be drug addiction, gambling, financial issues, poverty, abuse and so much more. It’s all shit that is taxing on you and the people around you. We all seem to have our own journey some worse than others but every Knock I believe adds depth to your soul you just have to fight and take note of the smallest of wonderful thingsπŸŒ…   🌊.  🌏.  πŸ’‘. πŸŒ™. 🎡.  πŸŽ₯. πŸŽ‚. 🌷.πŸ‘­. πŸ’—. πŸ‘¬. πŸ‘ͺ. πŸ‘Ά.  🐢. 🐱. 🌲. πŸ‰. β˜•


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