Seems Never Ending


The last few days I’ve made the effort to go for a walk I feel as if my body needs some blood pumping through it, but both nights suffered from tremendous pain it feels as if this is a never ending pain flair. It’s hard not to feel a little down, FRUSTRATED to the Max!! I think lacking sleep doesn’t help and guilt is an overwhelming emotion that I seem to battle with every day at the moment. The kids activities are starting up and the range in my neck is not back yet I know with physio it’ll get there. Originally was aiming for 6 weeks of not driving, at this stage it seems unrealistic to think I’ll be driving in 2 weeks. Being able to jump in the car is a convenience that pretty much nearly yearly we live without. It makes such a difference and is so much easier when I can just hop in the car. As for my neck, are starting to feel a difference and definitely can now feel the pressure is taken off the nerves and shoulders so positive for sure. But operation has definitely aggravated my lower back and legs my usual Chronic pain areas, weird somewhere in my head every time I have an operation I think I’m going to get this done and it will fix all my health problems, where logic tells me your having a neck operation that’s where you may get improvement I somehow want it to be miraculous and fix all the pain. It’s like a wish that I know will never be a reality yet I keep wishing it.

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