Went across the road


Well what a day I’ve had a shower and walked over to the park. I did lay under a tree and not do anything but still counts as getting out of the house hey. The kids were happy to have me watching them riding their bikes and Ava doing gymnastics all around the park. I lasted about an hour and a half and then back to bed. The only way I can describe how my body is feeling is pure exhaustion and aching I can not wait to join the land of the living. Seen the Neuro Surgeon and described the way I’d been feeling and still getting constant headaches and he said he wasn’t surprised and it may go on for some time. He also told me in the second operation they had to insert a small plate also. So now we just have to prey my bone grows over the plate and not under otherwise this will cause problems, have to wait 3 months to see which way it’s going to go, finger’s crossed!! Anyways just a little update hope life is treating all Fantastic Happy Living !!!


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