To Family and Friends


To all family and friends that may get a chance to read this I want you to know that l love and appreciate your support. I am very sorry if I haven’t got around to calling you all back it not because I don’t want to and it’s not because I don’t care. Your lives are just as important to me and when I go through these stints of serve pain it’s like I can only Focus on what’s infront of me, my kids. Tasks that used

to feel so small yet now feel so big eg: today I made it to the supermarket with my Mum daughter and niece. Relatively small list and everyone helped out but by the time I got home felt like I could collapse in a heap. Lied down got up an hour later did 3 dishes then laid back down up half an hour later do another few dishes remind kids to get their school stuff ready. Sad that they’re going back to school feel like I’ve been robbed of this time with my kids. But wanted to say have been meaning to get back to so many of you and I will and think of you always Hope life’s treating you very very well.  Really tired so much Love to all check in soon Peace!!     Meags


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