Take Control !!!


Hey quick blog,are going to go in depth into the long list of medication I have tried over the years some other time. But after being in hospital this last stint and witnessing first hand in the high dependent ward doctors and patient relationship. We as a patients have Every right to question what medicine enters our system I’ve seen time and time again doctors that have no time and your literally as they’re leaving your bedside yelling out questions. I understand this is the only system that we’ve got but I also know in my years of practice taking control of the drugs that go into your system is very important. Doctors give you minimal time and if your someone like me with an extensive history their is no way of them knowing medications you trialed in the past. So many times they have put me on  medicines that I’ve trialed over and over again. Have a bit of a rule that I follow if I’ve tried something twice and if after both times no success with the drug very rarely will I give it that third attempt. To me it’s simple and logic thinking, every medication has their long list of side effects, then mix it with all the medication you are already on, a cocktail of toxins. I’m certainly not saying diagnose your self all I’m saying is we all know our bodies best what works and what doesn’t it is our right to voice our opinions ask for all the options and the risks??  Don’t sit back if you strongly disagree. I have copped abit of flack  over the years and I’m sure some doctors can view me as being difficult at times. I try to express whilst
talking to doctor( specialist) my reasoning for disagreeing for the way they might like to manage my health. Some doctors are fantastic and once have heard me out generally agree with me. Then their are some that have such arrogance and it’s there way or the highway. Example I have trialed ketimine infusions in the past and they have also used it after some operations as Pain relief. For those of you that may not know ketimine, it is a strong and powerful drug there’s a version on the streets call special K, its also a common drug that they give to horses. I’m one of the lucky people that the drugs effects don’t freak me out but for some that I’ve witnessed first hand are terrified thinking demons and weird stuff are coming after them. Coming down off the shit has Been my problem, pain beyond belief. Getting back to a stay in hospital (surgery)a few years back, spoke to my doctor had decided I would not be using this drug for pain relief,woke with a pca which I thought contained morphine in it so I pressed that button every time I could. Wasn’t till the next day when I over heard nurse’s checking off a ketimine bag. I was furious I then knew the suffering my body had to endure. This shit happens every single day in our hospital’s. The Arrogance of this doctor!!! I’m not proud but I  lost my shit called him an arrogant fucking prick and spoke to my medical team and said he was to have nothing to do with me ever again. A doctor is trained and is certainly the one that is there to trial us on medicines that they may think are necessary, but if you have valid reasons for thinking otherwise speak up. Unnecessary for any drug to enter your system if it has no positive effects. For any one out there you can also look up certain chemists where you give them a list of your medications and they will give you a report on how each drug interacts with each other. This blogs way longer than intended Thanks if you got to the end of it. Peace out!!


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