Well Home Sweet Home but still some struggle.


Been home a couple of days now still have not seen my kids it’s been a week now and they will still not be back until Saturday part of me is very sad as I was very excited to see them today. On the other hand they are at my Sisters with their cousins swimming at the movies most days as my Sister and her Hubby own a cinema and my parents have gone up there today. So the school holidays was actually filled with fun for them and I’ll be forever grateful to my Sister and Husband for taking them off to Bright and looking after them. They had already seen to much and especially Ava’s anxiety was taking over and was asking for promises from those around her that I was not going to die. Especially when I was in ICU she is used to me being in hospital but knew something was up when she was not allowed to visit. Seb took it All-in his stride until a few days ago but I am hoping now they know I’m out of hospital they realize the worst of this stint is over it’s just the recovery now.  They won’t be back till Saturday I have some extra time really to rest and hoping by then some of the spinal fluid that’s still surrounding my brain resides. Still feel like I’ve been hit by a truck but I always get back on my feet and this time will be know different just may take a little longer. A little wired as neuro surgeon’s are having me drink as much coffee as I can, caffeine is supposed to be helpful in helping reduce spinal fluid and the severity of the headache but also having over 10 coffee’s a day isn’t so good on the gut but having as many as I can. See u in the next blog going to close my eyes Meags X


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