Think Tomorrow is the last day!!


Well it’s almost like I don’t want to say it, no spinal fluid has leaked out of my neck and back since it was clamped at 7am 15-1-2016 and as I understand it there’s  every chance now they will be taking the drain out that is sitting on my nerve. I’m very eager to have this happen because it is another step closer to getting home. They will be around in 10 minutes with the verdict. Verdict is it’s out Yeay hurt my nerve like hell but I may not have the same nerve pain since tubing has been removed from my back. They are also moving me out of the high dependent ward today and apparently the aim is to get me home tomorrow. As excited as this makes me feel my family were really hoping I’d have a few extra days of recovery just on the ward because have been told there is still spinal fluid on my brain. Wow what was going to be 2-3 days in hospital Hey! Turned into 11,   11 of the hardest days I’ve  encountered since my last serious infection. I Thank everyone for all the Well Wishes and support the visits and the help with washes and ignoring how very bad I have smelt. Today I’m having my very first shower in a 11 days I’m so excited. Rehab comes next but not thinking about that today. Love to absolutely all!!!


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