My Angel Sonja


Angels come to us in all different ways and last night a nurse called Sonja I honestly believe she got me through one of the toughest days of my life. She went above and beyond her duty as a nurse and showed me the love and compassion that you don’t expect from a stranger the impact this woman had on me was somewhat calming in a scary situation. Can not seem to release the fluid around my brain and yesterday I went for the smallest of walks and as I got back

there was a nurse waiting to take the drain tube out of my neck she pulled the stitches out and spinal fluid ran down the front of me and then the hell gates opened up. The fluid drain in my spine was switched up the fluid rapidly surrounded my brain with a pressure that renderd me from be able to see and projectile vomiting started Sonja got me through every moment of yesterday and pretty much stayed with me from 11 till 5 am this morning while surgeons tried stitching skin over the ports a few layers ontop of each other to block fluid leaking out of my back was quite painful to say the least. Then at 5.00 am Sonja filled a large tub of beautiful hot water and bathed me without out any loss of dignity she removed all the vomit from my hair and body made my bed with fresh sheets and  clean nighty. We talked about life and our beliefs I told her I honestly believed she was my Angel yesterday as I truly do not believe I could have got through yesterday without her. With only knowing this woman for one of her 12 hour shifts I can honestly say she will forever hold a special place in my Heart. Even if we never cross paths again I will forever be grateful to this Amazing Women that I could only describe as an Angel sent for me on the 12.1.2016 one of the hardest days of my life.

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