Still here arms aren’t looking pretty though!

My arms are definitely not looking pretty

Well 2 goes and over 45 needles and I still have no drain in my spine. All I can taste is spinal fluid  and are now awaiting a radiographer to do the job. It needs to be done asap saying it will happen today all I can do is hope and pray it is. I can not believe I’m in this position wrote this earlier this morning. What follow in this hellish day was pain that made me scream infront of my kids which I’m not proud of. They took me for spinal tap and it needed to be done by radiographer and neuro surgeon it was supposed to be done at 2 o’clock neuro surgeon said to inject me but did not turn up for 1 hour of me laying there with not being able to move just before we were about to pull the pin he turned up but minus the right size needle that was needed I was so infuriated and so was the other people in the room. Anyway it got done after a few very loud screams stitches sewn in and everyone in that room was I can honestly say glad for that experience to have ended. The radiographer exact words were Well that was bloody intense my nerves are just fucked sorry there’s no way else I can explain them other than I have no control over them and it’s a pain that has plagued me for years.  Its when they are touched in any way that all you can seem to do is roll from side to side trembling vomiting unable to get your body into a position that is bearable. Drain is draining fluid down my spine and we are all just praying this will work cause the thought of a a third operation is inconceivable to me see in next blog lots of love to all Meags


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