Please Drain Fluid!!!!!!!


Hey there guys feels like I’ve lost a couple of days in ICU and turns out there was a bit of blood but mostly spinal fluid running into my neck so surgery and a drainage tube was administered to try and get the fluid out of my neck and spine. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough so they are now inserting a tube into my spinal cord to let it slowly drain out the bottom of my back. And as for ICU that’s a whole other fucking story it’s the most terrifying place and I hope it’s my last stay in there ever that’s a blog for when I can cope with writing about it sorry for these horrible photos but this my journey  and that’s how horrible it looks. Lot’s of love to u all got to go and get this cord shoved down my spine I hate this pain!!!

Hope all the wonderful people in this god for awful place heal and get the best health they can possibly have!!


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