D-day can’t wait for this day to be over!!


D-day well it’s here I’m sitting in pre-admission all the paperwork signed and now the waiting begins. Not so nervous as yet more upset after kissing my kids goodbye, as much as they are used to me coming into hospital it is still very hard on them. Seb was ok but I left Ava at the front door with tears streaming down her face and the sad thing is I can’t tell them when I’ll be out as I have no idea. It’s only 8.30 and my stomach is already growling I’m supposed to be 2nd on the list hoping it stays that way. Haven’t heard as yet which way they are going in I’m wanting it to be from the back of my neck as I already have a scar at the front guess I’ll find out soon enough. As per usual they can’t find some of my paper work, with having the extensive history that I do this is often a problem that I encounter. How fucking hard can it be, I have a file stick it all in the one place!Frustrating!! Hope this hasn’t changed my position in the queue. Sending lots of Love out to you all check in later. Peace out, Meags


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