Went across the road

Well what a day I’ve had a shower and walked over to the park. I did lay under a tree and not do anything but still counts as getting out of the house hey. The kids were happy to have me watching them riding their bikes and Ava doing gymnastics all around the park. I […]


To Family and Friends

To all family and friends that may get a chance to read this I want you to know that l love and appreciate your support. I am very sorry if I haven’t got around to calling you all back it not because I don’t want to and it’s not because I don’t care. Your lives […]

Take Control !!!

Hey quick blog,are going to go in depth into the long list of medication I have tried over the years some other time. But after being in hospital this last stint and witnessing first hand in the high dependent ward doctors and patient relationship. We as a patients have Every right to question what medicine […]

Life’s Bizzar!!

I remember crying saying how will I get through my next hospital stint coming home to no cat my purring Soul Mate Virgil. Yet here I am someone made sure I had a purring friend to help me through and I know who! He was there the first fifteen years and has made sure not […]