Operation only a week away Yey!

Well got my operation date 6th Jan only a week away. As this is a huge relief it comes with complications with the kids on School holidays and a 4 week old kitten that landed on our doorstep

yesterday. Actually kind of a bizzar event took place yesterday. The door bell rang, there standing before me was an older woman holding a tiny little sick kitten it was out the front heading into the drain when she picked it up she said she couldn’t take it and thought about putting it back out the front. How could I not take it so I threw my hand out and and she plonked the kitten in my arms said Goodbye, and there I stood in shock. See I lost my cat Virgil a couple of months back to cancer, he was 15 but he was my little soul mate. He had gotten me through every hospital stint Evey pain flare, the year when I was in bed he never left my side. Said I wouldn’t be able to have another cat at least for a few years and the only way I’d have one was if it landed on our doorstep. I’m pretty sure Virgil had something to do with this random act and now still much to my disbelief I sit here bottle feeding Rizzo our sick little girl. Sure she’s been sent here to get me through my next 15 years or longer I hope. I’ve got to doggies too, Animals are amazingly wonderful creatures that have got me through some pretty tough times as much as they can be hard work they have given me and my family the cuddles and love when ever we have needed, they are our family. We have 6 little Hermit crabs that lift our spirits to.
Actually looking forward to having my neck fused I just want it over and done with the last fusion was very painful and not looking forward to the recovery but it has to be done. Hoping every one has a wonderful start to 2016. If you in pain I hope for you, God gives you the strength and determination to get through this new year and relief in what ever form you need.                           PEACE & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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