Christmas day struggles.

Well Christmas done, Santa’s been kids were happy, Christmas feels as if it’s changed somewhat though kids are getting older hitting that teen age where the magic seems to have dwindled abit. I can honestly say I’m well and truly stuffed. Love Christmas always have. This year has been terribly hard. Think it would have been much more enjoyable if I had had my neck fusion beforehand, suffered with server pain with my nerves in my neck playing up.                 All day yesterday it felt as if my head could roll off. Not usually one to sit and not help out but I could physically not function. Blessed to have such a wonderful family that don’t expect me to do a thing. But that’s not me and I wish I could do more. Can only hope next year with these 2 operations done that Christmas will be easier. It’s funny we all seem to work so hard for this 1 day and looking around yesterday a lot of us were stuffed, so having a body that’s plagued with pain just intensifys the exhaustion and the level of the pain skyrockets. You have to work a lot harder to wear that happy mask this time of year, I’m sure their were some definite cracks showing yesterday. As soon as I left I collapsed in a heap kids came home to play with their presents, and in all honesty I could not watch them enjoying their gifts I made it to my bed and haven’t moved  since. Sounds like I’m having a whinge I know but this is my reality and the reality of many others in this battle with pain. Take it easy now all,  I hope and pray that 2016 brings some relief to what ever situation that your in. To all no matter what journey your on May it be a happy and healthy one filled with lots of love. PEACE!!


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