Christmas catching up with my body.

Well 2 more sleeps till Santa comes and as much as I love Christmas all the shopping and catch ups are wonderful.  I unfortunately have pushed my body to the limit and beyond same as every year. So now it’s just a matter of how long I’m going to pay for it. You may think why would you push yourself when you know what the outcome will be, the simple answer is I want my children to have the fond memories of Christmas that I had and I don’t want  them to miss out. I just hope by Christmas Day my nerves have settled and I get through the day. And I will, I always do. This period of the year is when I need to be mentally strong. The mind is a very powerful thing and this is them most effective tool that I’ve got for now. But I’ve had to work very hard at this through meditation, therapy, many conversations with family and friends, talking and getting things off your chest is also very useful. I am also very mindful of not wanting to be that friend, you know the sick friend that is always complaining about them self. Like any good relationship there’s give and take, you don’t always want to be the taker. At times no matter how bad the pain is you have to give your shoulder to those whom have supported you.
Sure your in a shit arse position but better to be in a shit arse position with friends hey. We all have our problems in life some more server some only small but they are all valid and are worth offloading, cause it helps. Going to chill now and watch a Christmas movie with the Kids. Wishing You All a Very Merry Christmas and I hope for all  suffers with pain and illness have the best Christmas you could possibly have sending lots of Healing your way.


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