Pain and pressure on the people you Love.

Chronic pain and the extra pressure put on your family and the people you Love.Firstly let’s talk about the finical pressure. Medication I would hate to know the exact amount over the years that has been forked out to pay for my meds. Especially about 10 years ago when I trialed  nerve medication that was not under the pbs but we decided I’d give it ago this medicine was $90 a week without out adding any of the other 10 medications I was on. It was a massive struggle for our family and has continued to be to this day. Now let’s add in all the things that I have tried chiropractor, acupuncture, hydro, herbal treatment, cupping, tens machine’s there’s plenty more but you get the gist, all these people want you to go back for several sessions costly to say the least. Pain can be a very costly burden!! Forgot to mention all the costly creams i have use hundreds of these over the years. I really don’t now how people do it with very little support because I have as much support as anyone could have, financial and help and it’s still so fucking hard!! I’m very lucky to be blessed with the 2 most wonderful parents in the world, financially and in every other way possible you could think of they have supported us. Some of my pain medication I can not drive on which means if I’m at my breaking point, I can’t take any thing until I’ve picked my children up from school, sports playdates. My mum 9 times out of ten does a lot of transporting my kids and I around and I have wonderful friends family that always help out when needed. But is added pressure on all of them. Also every doctor appointment specialist appointment Mum is there to drive me along.I don’t like to always ask my mum for help because once I do my parents then both know I’m bad, and it makes them feel sick with worry which in turn make me feel like shit. It’s a fucking merry go round that never ends.  Thanks to all, you know who you are, for adding my activities into your life’s.
There are so many wonderful people in this world and I’m blessed to have some of them in life. PEACE!!


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