Stay Enthused With Life!!


Keeping your passions alive even for short periods of time whatever time your body allows is very important!! In a sense at times you can feel like you have lost yourself, remember that person you aspired to be when it felt as if you could achieve anything the healthy you. Or should I say the healthiest version of you if you’ve battled with this much of your life like me. I’m the kinda person who loves Art of many forms from doing paintings like the one you see above, photography,cooking (at times) I even have a collection of vintage stuff that I intended to have a little shop with. The shop didn’t work out as I ended up in hospital twice when I was suppose to take over the lease. At the time I was completely devastated Pain and illness had won again! I felt like I’d put in all this work, had all this stuff but no shop. Turns out though Things happen for a reason there were another 6 empty shops that were all supposed to be filled so they told me. But to this day a year on they still remain empty, so not sure if my venture would have worked out as my shop was at the very end of the strip so was banking on the other shop’s to bring in traffic, and as I had just been hospitalized twice really was I capable(one day I hope).As disheartening as set backs can be I think it’s really important to give yourself projects if only for the soul, whether you intend on making some pocket money or not, just doing something for the love of it, this is an achievement in its self. Balance is a hard thing to find when your battling Chronic Pain and even doing 15 minute’s of something your enthused by in a day will still lift your spirits. For instance I had a friend in a terrible battle with cancer whom loved gardening but could no longer get down to the ground. Her husband did a wonderful thing and brought the ground to her. Setting her garden beds at the perfect height for her to Potter in, I guess what I’m trying to say is very often there’s ways around things as I’m sure in her case this would have been costly but simply buying cheap shelving from bunnings and having potted plants at the right height will keep you connected with your Garden if that’s your passion. Say you love cooking and your bench is to low costly to raise your whole bench top, measure up the perfect height ( the most comfortable position for minimal pain) get a friend to take you off to bunnings(hardware store) and buy a thick piece of wood or cheaper thinner pieces liquid nail it together till your height is achieved, making a big enough work space you need to start cooking and cook away. If you enjoyed rowing and are not capable get your friends together and be the one in the front still on the water yelling all the orders.  There is not always a solution to every task but in lots of cases you can make adjustments and still be enthused by life. Make sure you have your body in the most comfortable state before you start your task (medication, meditation best time of the day for you) and Enjoy!!


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