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Continuing on with my stays in hospital the nurse to patient ratio is a disgrace an appalling disgrace. The job load on a nurse’s shoulder is a massive one. Considering they have people’s lives in their hands under time constraints shift work which leaves them with symptoms like jet lag. No wonder there are mistakes made and who pays?             The patient and in some cases with there life. But who’s to blame for that one hey.  More money needs to be thrown into our hospital system. Not sure how the government divides up our money but we as Australians pay taxes and sure they are spread over many things. The Reality is we live and we die but there’s those times inbetween where nearly all of us will find ourselves in a hospital bed even if only once in our life time. Think about it car accidents happen every day, appendixes burst, flu invades the unlucky each year,brain tumors, cancer the list goes on. So if not you, we are all touched by a family member,friend that inevitably will some day be in hospital. Then think about this they are in excruciating pain they press the the call bell but the nurse does not come they try again 5 minutes later still no nurse,now the pain is beyond unbearable, they cry and call out only to find another patients nurse pops her head in and lets you know your nurse is busy with someone who has fallen,   “she’ll get to you as quick as she can”. Just as your nurse makes her way to you the patient beside you heart monitor goes off there’s a met call and as this is all going on you are now rolling from side to side trembling with pain. There’s just not enough help to go around. I have seen this time and time again. Once I was roomed with a lovely old Italian lady was hard to communicate but we got by. Her leg had been amputated the wound was completely opened  the discomfort she was in was heartbreaking to watch. She rang the call button I rang the call button they were to busy to get to her as time went by my pain was taking hold but we sat there together she cried and kept calling for God. We waited and held hands, all I could think to do is prey. We prayed over and over asking God to come and release her. Finally the nurse came in and promised she would bring pain relief back she came back with some tablets for me, but the lady beside me could not take pills, her medicine had to be mixed up with some yogurt. Just as her medicine is almost mixed an alarm bell goes our nurse runs off , over 4 hours that lady waited in only what I could describe to being the worst horrific pain imaginable. I do not blame the nurse’s it’s the system that’s the problem!!! Blogs getting lengthy plenty more recollections like this one see you in the next one. Take it one day at a time pain Warriors!!


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