The Chronic Pain Blogger


Unsure if you can blow this up enough to read it but this was an article written on me without my knowledge, I had random people ringing me saying there’s a story in the paper and it sounds like your condition,sure enough it was.They could write about it as long as they didn’t use my name, would have been nice to be told though hey. After this I met with a doctor from the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital she asked to meet me and thank me in person for donating my blood to help diagnose conditions that were down the same path way of my immune system. They are yet to find anyone with the same condition but last I knew my blood has help diagnose over 2000 children at the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital. I have donated my blood Australian wide first, and I know they use my blood to barter with for other specimens from other countries to use in there studies to try and combat other diseases. For a long time my blood was getting sent to a research center in Germany Bizarre hey! Happy Journeys Meags🌲🌲



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