Chronic Pain in the last 2 years.Blog no3

Over the past 2 years life and symptoms have got more complicated and very frustrating to say the least.
Newer Symptoms:
Woke one morning whilst I was at the caravan with a strange intense buzzing in my head and my face felt cold and numb, it seemed as if my eyeballs were freezing almost as if I had rubbed some type of menthol in them and my lips were ice cold. Every so often my arms or legs would jerk it was a scary feeling, went to get up and felt so faint I hit the deck could hardly walk my legs felt so weak. Took myself off to the hospital and Doctors were puzzled and couldn’t seem to figure out what was wrong and medication wise the only thing that had changed was them taking me off plaquenil so nothing was done. Was now left this way and it was terrifying something seemed to be taking over my body and I felt powerless!! It was then one symptom after another.
Both my eyelids dropped
Tips of my Fingers at times would be blue. (Doctors Suggested that I had Raynauds)
Heat surges through out my body
Blood shot eyes
Kidney infections
My hair looked absolutely hammered
Constant buzzing in my head
My Head felt tender to apply any pressure on, a lot of nights I will sleep with out a pillow.
Very painful neck.
Random times my speech would come out wrong or it would take me a few minutes to express what I want to say it like I’d really have to concentrate. The kids always bring up when I was in the kitchen one night thinking about preparing their lunch boxes and it was also time for them to go to bed. So I told them to get into there lunch boxes and go to sleep they thought it was the funniest comment ever. Now they’re use to some of the thoughts comments that come out of my mouth we just have a laugh about it, I suppose they think there Mums a little nutty.
About a year ago now we got some answers as to why I would feel faint. I was in hospital after a back procedure and had had very little sleep so when the nurse come in I asked her not to wake me when my next blood pressure needed to be done. So she left the blood pressure machine on my arm for it to be done automatically, I was then awaken to alarms going off with people running around me asking me to sit up drink water. Being asked if I felt ok it was just then when I realized that familiar feeling of being faint my lips where tingling almost feels like you leave your body and are not so aware of what’s going on. The immunology team came in to see me and explained that my heart was going way to fast and asked for me to see a cardiologist privately as it was the quickest way to get some answers. So I did and turned out I had Tachycardia when my heart would speed up this is when I felt faint. So they started me on beta – blockers and since we’ve found the right dose this symptom seems to be under control Thank God. See you in my next blog . Enjoy this Christmas Season💗


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